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How To Use Ginger Against Skin Problems

In addition to being used in the kitchen and for health benefits, ginger can also be used for skin beauty.

Ginger is an important tuber for skin health.

This organic product can be used on many face masks.

It contains essential oils, amino acids, vitamins C, B1, B2, A, and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc and others.

  • For the oily face, ginger helps remove excess glow, cleanse pores and remove acne.
  • For sensitive faces, the mask protects it from the impact of weather, removes redness and gives it shine and coolness.
  • For the normal and dry face, ginger masks invigorate the skin and give it freshness.

Anti Acne Masks
Grind the ginger and use a spoonful of finely chopped.

Leave them in the amount of a cup of water. Apply the mixture on your face and keep it overnight. Use a damp cotton swab

Ginger Mask And Olive Oil
Mix one tablespoon of minced ginger with one tablespoon of olive oil.

Apply the mask and hold for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

This mask can be applied up to 2 times a week and is suitable for all skin types.

Ginger And Honey Against Wrinkles
Mix 40 grams of honey with a teaspoonful of ginger powder.

After mixing well, place mask on face and neck and hold for 15 minutes.

Then wash your face with cold water.

This mask improves blood circulation and soothes wrinkles.

It can be applied twice a week.

Ginger With Lemon And Yogurt
Mix 20 grams of minced ginger, 15 ml of fresh lemon juice, a teaspoon of olive oil and 10 ml of yogurt.

Next, place the mask on your face and neck and hold for 10 minutes.

Wash it off with warm water.

Ginger masks are very good, especially against acne.

The feeling you get is that of a clean, resilient, fresh face.

Be Careful
Ginger can be irritating to some skin and can cause sensitivity to sunlight.

It can cause allergic reactions.

Ginger is very potent. If using powdered ginger it is recommended to use a teaspoonful of each tablespoon of fresh ginger.


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