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How to Release the Pinched Nerve in the Lumbar Area (Sciatica) Using Two Simple Exercises

One of the most difficult health conditions is sciatica, most often accompanied by burning and sharp pain, sometimes numbness and even the simplest movements are painful or you feel pain while standing.

This condition occurs because the sciatic nerve has been inflamed. This nerve goes from our hips through our legs, and you will feel the pain all along the way This nerve can usually be inflamed if you spend a lot of time sitting or standing in one place.

Basically, this well-known medical condition is treated with painkillers and special medicines, and these medications and painkillers have the potential to cause a myriad of side effects. They will only reduce or alleviate the pain you are currently experiencing and will not find the root of the problem.

There are many people around the world who have found a way to cure sciatica pain naturally. The secret to getting rid of this pain is exercise, which will soothe irritation and inflammation of the nerve.

The most effective way to relieve sciatica pain is through a stretch. Stretching will not only heal the sore nerve but will also improve your mood. You only need a flat surface for these exercises.

With these two exercises that we are about to show you, you will be able to relieve pain, speed up the recovery process and relax your muscles.

First Stretch

Get a yoga mat, place it on the floor, lie down and bend the painful leg. Then try to pull it slightly towards the shoulder. Hold that posture for half a minute. Finally, straighten your legs and take a short break.

Second Stretch

Go to the same starting position and bend your knees. When done, try to pull them towards your chest very slowly, but be careful not to lift the buttocks from the floor. Then cross your legs and pull the healthy leg by using your hand. Stay in this position for half a minute.

You should also do 2 reps for every two exercises.


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