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Amazing Health Benefits of Donkey Milk – Every drop of it is valuable for many health problems!

It is considered as breast milk because of its nutritional and health value.

It is the donkey’s milk, which is valued for its medicinal value as well as cosmetics. Its use dates back to ancient Egypt.

This type of milk was used in many different areas decades and decades ago, mainly in rural areas, where mothers often used it for their children to replace breast milk.

Donkey milk costs many times more than cow’s or goat’s milk, where 1 liter (33 fl oz) ranges from $ 40 to $ 60. It is available in limited quantities at pharmacies.

According to the data, this milk has 60 times more vitamin C than cow’s milk and thus has the ability to increase the resistance of the organism and at the same time brings to work all endocrine glands such as liver, pancreas, and thyroid.

Health values
Donkey milk improves digestion and removes excess water from the body and even makes the body muscular. In this way, the body does not create fat.

This type of milk is less fat than others, but it is also found to contain omega 3, omega 6 and unsaturated fatty acids, which can lower blood cholesterol.

Cow’s milk has significantly less lactose, while donkeys contain 60% lactose.

The ingredients found in this milk have the ability to increase the organism’s protective performance against diseases.

Persons with enlarged or obese liver should use donkey milk to cure the aforementioned diseases.

Donkey milk is also valued for the anti-aging values of youth by giving it freshness and youth.

How to use
It is also recommended that people who suffer from joint pain, muscle aches consume this type of milk as it also removes the uric acids present in the body.

A small child should consume 1 cup a day, and an adult 2 cups.

All those who use donkey milk must first be informed of its origin so that there are no different chemicals. It should be stored in the refrigerator in freezing as recommended by the manufacturers.


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