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7 Surprising Benefits of Eating an Orange Every Day

Orange is the favorite citrus fruit of millions of people in the world.

A perfect combination of sweetness and lightness, orange is full of flavor and most of all value.

Experts say that orange should be eaten daily because the body receives 7 direct benefits.

Healthy eyes and sharp eyesight
The orange contains too much vitamin C or approximately 116 percent of the recommended daily value.

Vitamin C is beneficial for eye health and reduces the risk of shadow or dark curtain in vision, improves blood circulation and slows the progression of eye diseases due to age.

Orange contains a lot of betacarotene, which in the body is converted to vitamin A which helps us to be ‘alert’ even in the dark.

Vitamin A deficiency is the number one cause of eye problems.

Lower risk of myocardial ischemia
These citrus fruits contain flavanols that reduce the risk of ischemia.

Among other factors, women who consume a lot of oranges are 19% less likely to be affected by ischemia.

Moreover, vitamin C is preventive of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Orange and appetite
Orange is a very good source of fiber. A single grain contains 12 percent of the recommended daily dose.

Fiber regulates bowel movement, lowers cholesterol, keeps blood sugars under control, reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Fiber slows down digestion so you will feel more satiated and for a long time.

Orange against free radicals
Dietary fiber found in orange reduces the risk of free radicals that damage cells, while the whole fruit is useful against harmful tumor cells of the lung, stomach, mouth, larynx, and esophagus.

Healthier skin
An orange a day makes your skin more healthy.

Orange contains vitamin C that helps the body synthesize collagen, a protein useful for healthy skin.

Oranges also contain beta carotene, converted into vitamin A, which helps in the growth of skin cells.


Taking vitamin C daily has many benefits in preventing cardiovascular disease because it preserves the health of blood vessels.

Healthy body
Vitamin C in oranges is important for tissue growth and recovery. Vitamin C heals wounds and maintains bone health.

It is important for the production of collagen needed in every cell of the body.

Studies have found that consuming at least 400 mg of vitamin C daily improves muscle function and relieves pain.


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