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10 Foods That Should Be Avoided To Prevent Choking Hazards for Babies & Toddlers

One of the major turning points for parents is when the baby starts eating solid foods. But are you aware of all the dangers it carries?

Babies should be allowed to research food, but keep in mind that there are foods that should be avoided until the baby is at least one year old.


It is sweet and completely natural but should be avoided because it is also a potential source of Clostridium botulinum spores, which can multiply in the baby gut and develop into infant botulism. The mature digestive systems of older toddlers can combat this type of botulism, but the consequences for babies up to a year old are serious.

Peanut butter

This product can cause severe allergic reactions. Apart from allergies, peanut butter is extremely dangerous because a spoonful of the thick, sticky stuff is also a choking.


Babies do not need to eat salty foods. The kidneys of a one-year-old’s are not sufficiently developed to handle large amounts of sodium, so it is important to avoid adding salt. Also, it should be remembered that all processed foods already contain certain amounts of salt, so this should be avoided.


Grapes are a good snack for your little ones, but only when they get a little older. Even if you cut the grapes in half, they pose a risk to babies and young toddlers. This also applies to raisins, so this snack should be avoided.


Every baby would love a piece of chocolate. Although you may not think this is a bad idea, remember that chocolate contains caffeine and milk, which is difficult for children under a year old to digest.

Raw carrots

Like grapes, the size and firmness of raw carrots are a high risk of choking for young children. The safest way to eat carrots is to cook carrots.


Although it is crunchy, delicious and can be a healthy snack, there is a serious choking hazard for young kids. Never give popcorn to children under one year of age.

Hard candy and gum

Candies, including lollipops, are best delayed until the baby is old enough to brush his own teeth.


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