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Why You Should Start Putting 1 Pill Of Activated Charcoal Into Your Flowers At Home

In almost every home medicine office, along with aspirin and other well-known first aid products, there is an activated carbon blister. Black tablets are suitable not only for the treatment of various food poisonings, but also as a cosmetic product, odor absorber, and even weight loss agent.

In this article, you will learn how this inexpensive and simple tool helps with home care. The recommendations will be useful to those who want to keep the plants healthy, improve growth, develop and encourage their flowering.

How to Use Activated Carbon for Plants

Improvement of soil quality
Adding charcoal directly to the pot reduces the acidity and salinity of the soil, making the soil neutral. It absorbs harmful chemicals, excess liquid, heavy metals from the soil, prevents the development of pathogenic microbes.

Charcoal treatment is completely safe and perfectly disinfects the roots after trimming. This method avoids the occurrence of rot and infection of plants without the use of special preparations. Just a few crushed pills and sprinkle on the areas of damage to the roots, stems, leaves.

Cutting rooting
The cuttings are well rooted and do not rot if you dissolve 2 tablets of charcoal in a pot of water.

Fighting fungi and molds
Activated Charcoal effectively eliminates the fungus at the very beginning of its development, so you must act quickly to save the plant. First, remove the mold from the soil, then sprinkle the soil with coal powder. After 3 days, remove the layer and sprinkle the soil with fresh soil

Soil for seedlings
Mixing crushed activated carbon with soil when replanting plants into a new container will prevent rot and fungal diseases. 2 tablets will be sufficient for one container.

Plant nutrition
Plants will noticeably grow better and flower if they feed on activated carbon. Divide 2 tablets into 4 portions and bury them in soil 3-4 cm deep. Plants really “like” the starch in the tablet composition.

Preparation against aphids
Sometimes you can find aphids in flower pots and seedlings. Annoying bugs enter the house from the street, along with contaminated soil. They like moist acidic soil and multiply rapidly in it: laconic larvae emerge from eggs laid in the ground and feed on the roots.

To get rid of them, sprinkle the soil in a pot with a thick layer of crushed activated carbon tablets. Although it kills insects and prevents their reproduction, it reduces the acidity and moisture of the soil.

Ordinary activated carbon will help you in different situations. Don’t let this medicine lie idle in your home medicine cabinet, but take advantage of its benefits for houseplants.


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