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Rosemary – How To Use It For Lungs, Depression And Good Digestion

The values and benefits we get from rosemary are numerous from physical appearance to the body.

This aromatic herb of peppermint family is widely grown in our country and is often used as an additional flavor in cooking.

It is usually known for its soothing properties of body pain or memory improvement.

In this spectrum, its values and uses are numerous, as we have said from cooking to essential oils.

Below in this article, we show you some other values of this plant that you can use for various benefits for the body.

Lung health
The lungs are constantly working by absorbing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.

They are the major organ that transmits oxygen to the blood and one of the most important organisms.

If you have lung problems, this means less oxygen to the body, which causes a number of other health problems and life-threatening effects.

According to doctors, in addition to treatment in hospitals, there are several ways to stimulate oxygen supply to the body.

One of them is a wonderful rosemary plant which is a good source of vitamins.

It contains vitamins A and C including minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and zinc.

These minerals help to strengthen the immune system by removing toxins from the body.

Not just for people with lung problems, rosemary can also be a lifesaver to remove dust and pollution from the body.

So, if you want to improve the breathing and health of your lungs, just increase the consumption of this aromatic herb.

You can drink it as a tea, do a chest massage with rosemary essential oils or eat as often as possible.

Reduces risk of macular degeneration
For people who have vision loss or what is called macular eye degeneration, rosemary can be very helpful.

The disease usually affects people over 50 and gradually weakens their eyesight.

To reduce the risk of being affected by this disease, frequent consumption of this particular plant is recommended.

Being rich in antioxidants rosemary helps fight degenerative eye diseases.

For good digestion
Being rich in antioxidants and vitamins this plant will also affect the good digestion of foods.

Be sure to add a few rosemary strands to each of your meals to get lots of flavor and health at the same time.

Other Values of Rosemary

For a good memory
The help this plant provides for memory and brain concentration is invaluable.

They have long been used as a natural cure for good mental health, and many studies today confirm this.

Experts say rosemary can improve memory by up to 30% if consumed regularly.

Against depression
Rosemary also helps in neurological diseases such as depression, anxiety or multiple sclerosis.

It is enough to consume it regularly, to use teas or to massage the scalp with this essential oil.

Water retention
This plant can be a lifesaver for persons who tend to collect excess water inside the body.

The feelings of swelling and gravity are easily eliminated because rosemary will expel all toxins from your body.

Make sure you consume as much rosemary tea during your daily routine.

In any case, this information may be helpful for your illnesses, but consultation with your doctor is always necessary


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