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If You Started Making Pumpkin Honey, Keep An Eye On This Step Because You Will Get Contraindications!

The internet is full of natural homemade recipes that miraculously cure or at least help eliminate certain problems, and while some are actually effective and accepted by experts, many are actually “colorful lies”.

If we choose to adopt and administer a natural remedy – we should be careful to check the effect of the natural remedy so that we don’t produce contraindications.

For example, you may often come across recommendations for so-called pumpkin honey – which supposedly can cleanse your body of toxins, but the truth is somewhat different, at least when it comes to the attitude of an expert.

“A popular pumpkin honey, according to a recipe in which raw pumpkin is mixed with honey and thus remains for several days, I certainly would not recommend it. The danger of developing microorganisms, in this case, is greater than the potential benefits of this mixture,” explains our nutritionist.

On the other hand, our nutritionist says that a combination of pumpkin and honey can still be useful and, above all, delicious, but when consumed in a different way.

“A better idea is to combine roasted pumpkin and cinnamon with a spoonful of honey. Roasted pumpkin provides better utilization of carotene than raw, and cinnamon keeps glycemia under control. This healthy treat is especially enjoyable in the coming fall,” says the nutritionist.

The nutritionist gave us another great tip – try ground pumpkin seeds with honey; this mixture is not easily spoiled, and it has many benefits for the general condition of the organism.

“Another fantastic combination with honey is minced pumpkin seed with honey, this is the perfect combination for the prostate, as well as general health. In addition, this combination can stand in the shelves for months without the risk of spoilage”, she concluded.

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