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What Is Trypophobia And What Does It Have To Do With The New iPhone 11?

In literal translation, trypophobia means fear of holes and signifies an irrational fear of cluster holes or bumps. While some scientists believe the cause lies in human genetics, other experts claim that it is learned behaviour.

Although not yet officially defined as a diagnosis, psychologists estimate that 16% of people suffer from trypophobia. The severity depends on the case. Some people feel mild discomfort, while in others it causes an intense physical reaction.

An incentive is to look at holes of any shape, usually smaller in size and densely compacted and may be found on the skin, objects or in nature.

Cause of Trypophobia
The cause is not yet known, but some experts believe that it is human DNA to feel repelled by the repeated patterns. According to one study, the brain instinctively associates such forms with disease or wounds, although holes are usually harmless and even artificially made.

Trypophobia and the new iPhone 11
On September 10, Apple unveiled the latest iPhone model, and many wrote on social media that they were not pleased with its latest design.

The reason is that the iPhone Pro and Pro Max contain three different camera lenses located relatively close together. A number of people commented that they felt an attack of trypophobia after looking at the new iPhone.

Treatment of Trypophobia
As with many other phobias, treating irrational fear is just not easy. Since trypophobia is still not classified as a disease, it is most often about changing behavior and thinking. In such cases, cognitive therapy, counseling, and hypnosis are applied to encourage people to understand that fear is really just a figment of their imagination.

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