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To Speed Up The Metabolism And Rapid Weight Loss, Follow This Schedule Of Drinking Water

Everyone knows the importance of maintaining a diet. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – must-have meals.

Dilute them with two more afternoon snacks and you’ll get the perfect fractional diet.

Also, everyone knows the importance of consuming enough fluids a day and maintaining a water balance. But few people are aware that it is important to drink water for an hour.

Drinking regimen

Feeling sick, headache, fatigue is often the result of dehydration. The average rate, the amount of water needed per person per day is approximately 6.5 cups (1.5 liters).

This indicator may vary depending on the climate and the presence in the diet of other liquids or liquid dishes: juices, compotes, soups …

Drinking is important for losing weight. This helps to establish metabolism, speed up metabolism. Drinking regime for weight loss will be as follows.

Two cups of warm water with lemon juice on an empty stomach. Such a drink will cheer up, help you wake up and set your stomach to work, shape the right eating environment. After 20 minutes you can have breakfast.


A glass of water at room temperature. Drinking water at this time means reducing your appetite. 20 minutes after that you can start a light snack. Then at lunch, you will not starve and you will not eat more than is necessary for your body to guarantee vital functions.

A glass of room temperature water with a slice of ginger 30 minutes before lunch and half a cup of warm water during lunch. Although many dietitians say it is better not to drink during meals, we agree with those who believe that there is no harm. And in a small amount, on the contrary, it will positively affect the digestive processes.

Half a liter of water at room temperature if there is no meal between lunch and dinner. And a glass of water if you eat a snack during that time. 15 minutes after drinking water, start a light meal. For example, cottage cheese, salad, fish. It is better not to eat fruit and sweets after lunch.


A glass of water at room temperature. You can add a slice of lemon and some liquid honey to the water. This combination will help digest the dinner.

By reducing the amount of food or its calorie content, you will lose weight. But also by drinking, you will lose weight faster and healthier. The body will be cleansed of toxins. And along with the harmony will come an improvement in complexion, quality of skin and hair. Complying with the drinking regimen will improve well-being.

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