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There Are Various Types Of Pain, But These 7 Types Of Pain Should By No Means Be Ignored

While minor chronic pain for many people is an integral part of life, some sharp and sudden pains are clear warnings to the body that something is definitely wrong

Therefore, at the first symptoms of a very intense pain immediately go to the doctor, as advised by Dr. Brunilda Nazario, MD – WebMD, who has published a list of seven types of pain that should not be ignored.

Intense Headache

Sharp and piercing headache, especially if it is the worst headache you have ever experienced, is the reason to see a doctor immediately. “This type of pain can be a sign of internal bleeding due to aneurysm rupture, which can cause death in a short time,” says neurologist Sharon Brangman.

Discomfort In Chest, Jaw, Shoulder, And Arm

Chest discomfort is usually the first symptom of a heart attack or a late symptom of pneumonia. “Most people think that a heart attack is recognized by piercing pain, but it’s really just a weird feeling in the chest,” explains cardiologist Jerome Cohen. He points out that before a heart attack, pain in the shoulder, arm, and jaw first occurs rather than around the heart itself, but if accompanied by shortness of breath, call an ambulance immediately. If you arrive at the hospital on time, your chances of saving your life are up more than 60 percent, Cohen points out.

Pain In The Bottom Of The Back And Between The Shoulder Blades

The cause is usually arthritis, but other options include heart attack and abdominal problems. One of the dangers is aortic rupture caused by the expansion and blood vessels. If you suffer from high blood pressure for a long time and the pain does not go away but intensifies, be sure to see your doctor.

Constipation And Severe Abdominal Pain

The most common cause of severe abdominal pain is appendicitis, which is located in the right half of the lower abdomen between the side and the navel. If the place is extremely sensitive to the sensation and constipation has occurred, hurry to the hospital. If appendicitis occurs, there is a high chance of internal bleeding and sepsis.

Knee Pain

One of the lesser-known dangers is deep vein thrombosis, a blood clot that most commonly occurs in the veins of the legs. Such thrombosis can be life-threatening if the clot is released and travels to the lungs or heart. Cancer, obesity, pregnancy or longer rest are risk factors. As the first symptom of clot formation is a swelling on the knees that gradually causes pain, consult your doctor to remove any suspected clot.

Burning Sensation In The Feet

Chronic burning in the feet is common in diabetics and can be caused by vitamin B deficiency, kidney disease, poor circulation, blood vessel disease, and thyroid disorders. The first thing you need to do is take a complete blood count and then seek the possible cause of this unpleasant symptom with your doctor.

Abdominal Pain With Bloating And Indigestion

If your appetite changes as well as your digestive habits, and you also feel discomfort in your abdomen for more than two weeks, be sure to see your doctor. These are the most common symptoms of various types of cancers that patients notice but usually, do not respond to. Although the causes can often be harmless, it is not something you can risk, as experts point out.

Source: www.webmd.com

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