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Menopausal Weight Gain – Two Easy Ways To Deal With It

Of course, you have heard the allegation that menopause causes weight gain.

And that’s true.

Why a woman is overweight in menopause?

You may have noticed that some women eat a lot and do not gain anything like pounds, while others store “for the future.” In the first, we talk about fast metabolism, in the second type of women – slow

With age, after 27-30 years, every 5 years each metabolic activity slows down by 10%. In menopause, it is even lower due to a decrease in the content of sex hormones in the blood and as a result, slow down the metabolic processes in the body.

With age, there is usually a decrease in physical activity and women do not exercise.

This could be due to a deterioration in health, for example, “hot flashes” are occurring. And eating habits – calorie intake remains the same, with energy consumption reduced.

This is interesting!

But it also explains why a woman builds up fats in menopause!

There are several types of obesity.

1. General accumulation of excess fat. Body fat deposition (male obesity).

2. Visceral or central type of obesity. The accumulation of fat in the abdomen and abdominal organs. This type of obesity, which is the most unfavorable for health, shows a high risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system and diabetes. The figure is reminiscent of an apple. If the waist circumference of women is more than 88 cm, this is considered a serious cause for concern.

3. Obesity in the hips and butt. The figure is like a pear. This type of obesity has the risk of joint and vein diseases.

In menopause, there is a redistribution and accumulation of fat in the waist, hips, and buttocks.

After menopause in 60% of women weight increases by 4-6 pounds or more in mass.

This is no accident.

This adipose tissue takes over the function of the ovaries. This means that fat becomes a sort of hormonal “depot”. It is clear that the greater the hormonal imbalance, the more body fat is stored.

For women, this change in weight can be a signal: it is necessary to help the body balance hormones. Otherwise, do not delay to expect quite serious consequences.

The amount of body fat in women in menopause increases disproportionately, which poses a significant cosmetic problem for women.

The woman suffers from a sense of visual unattractiveness, which leads to decreased female sexuality.

Weight gain during menopause due to hormonal imbalances in the body dramatically reduce the production of endorphins – the hormones of joy that maintain a positive emotional background. The vicious circle is closed.

Depression develops.

But there is a solution and it’s simple – limit your calorie intake to 2,500 calories and don’t be afraid to increase your physical activity, walk more.

Fighting obesity in menopause gives excellent results with these two simple rules!

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