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How To Properly Wash Dates To Avoid Harmful Effects On Our Health

Dates are a very common dried fruit in the US and many people like them because of their sweet taste. Nutritionists advise you to consume them more often because dates are useful for digestion and, when used frequently, even help to lose weight. But is this delicious product always helpful?

First, we want to know your opinion: do you think it is necessary to wash the dates?

Transportation and processing of dates

There are no palm dates nearby, so their fruits are shipped from abroad. Most often from Algeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Egypt, and Israel. If you have tried drying fruits at home, then you know that the process takes a long time and does not dry very well. But on an industrial scale, the highest temperatures are used

Dried dates lose their performance and producers decide to bring it back by soaking dried fruit in a glucose solution and sugar syrup, which result in the fact that the dates adhere to more dirt and germs. Then the product is treated with sulfur dioxide, fats, and wax.

In this way, the product survives long-term intact. Now answer the question whether it is necessary to wash the dates before use. Yes, especially if the product is not packaged and sold on a fruit stand.

How To Wash Dried Dates

So, we realized that the dates should be washed. But the problem is that with prolonged contact with water, the fruits change their appearance and lose their taste. Turn off the boiling water immediately. We have prepared special instructions for you.

  • Examine the fruits first to dispose of immediately damaged, dried and spoiled fruits.
  • Divide the whole volume into several batches and wash each with cold water. The water should be changed at least twice, paying special attention to many shiny (and therefore waxy) fruits.
  • Transfer the washed part to a plastic container, rinse again under a stream of cold water and allow to drain.
  • Put the dates on a paper towel in one layer, cover with a second towel and leave for a day.
  • Before serving, remove the seeds and once again check for spoiled fruits.

How To Store Them

Put them in a plastic container and store in a dry, dark and cool place.

You can eat them raw or add them while you cook the main course or dessert. Are there any restrictions? No. Dates satiate the body quickly, so you will not eat too much and will not have time to accumulate excess weight.

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