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Early Signs Of Pregnancy That Most Women Usually Miss – Find Out With This Simple Test:

In a woman’s life, sooner or later, there comes a time when every woman wants to find out if she’s pregnant.

But the first days after conception are a very short period for an accurate diagnosis to be made, and most pregnancy tests fail at this stage …Then these basic signs come to the rescue, which indicates pregnancy even at the earliest stage – Here are the earliest signs of pregnancy:

Early signs of pregnancy

In the first days after the embryo attaches to the uterus (implantation of the embryo is the moment of pregnancy), the woman may experience discomfort from swelling and pain in the breast. This indicates a breast hypersensitivity. Often even a slight touch can cause discomfort.

Discomfort and weight in the pelvis also start worrying women after implanting the embryo. This symptom is very individual and can manifest in every woman in different ways.

Already in the first days after conception, many women may experience discomfort and even nausea. Pregnant women easily change their eating habits: food that they liked before pregnancy, now may seem tasteless.

During ovulation, women can observe an abundant, viscous, transparent secretion. This facilitates the movement of sperm and provides reliable protection for 3-5 days. After ovulation, it is replaced by a thick white secretion. It is maintained throughout the second phase of the cycle.

On the 7th – 10th day after conception, many women find little spots of brown, red or yellow on their underwear. This testifies to the attachment of the embryo to the uterine wall. The implantation process lasts about 40 hours, after which the embryonic development period begins, which lasts until the 8th week of pregnancy.

During embryo implantation, the woman’s body is shocked by current events, so a rise in body temperature to 37 degrees is normal.

Often, in the first days after implantation of the embryo, the woman feels tired and unwell. The cause of poor health is fever and decreased immunity. It is a fact that during this period, the woman’s body responds to the embryo as a foreign body and tries to fight it.

You can find out if you are pregnant with a simple home test: you will need a jar of iodine, a piece of paper and a small amount of fresh urine. You need to moisten a piece of paper with urine and drop a few drops of iodine on it.

If iodine does not change color (remain brown), no pregnancy has occurred. In pregnant women, urine reacts with iodine and becomes lilac or purple in color.


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