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A Surgeon Reveals Exercises That Can Heal The Backbone and Joints Before It’s Too Late!

Over the past few decades, back pain has increased by 54% globally. This number shows how important it is to do something before it’s too late. Nikolai Amosov from Russia was a great surgeon who believed that our health is in our hands. He had his systematic approach that helped a lot of people avoid serious problems, and today we share that systematic approach with you.

Back pain can be very stressful and excruciating, and if not treated on time can have major consequences

This great doctor created his own set of exercises and proved their effectiveness with his own example, living a long life and helping to heal not only his own spine but also strengthening his muscles and avoiding joint problems.

Exercises recommended by Nikolai Amosov

It is recommended that you start with 4-5 exercises, doing 10-15-20 reps each. Remember to do a warm-up before exercise.

Exercise on a chair

Lie down on a chair with your stomach, facing down.
Lock your hands behind your head.
Stretch your legs straight.
Strain your whole body and make it parallel to the floor.
Bend the lower back as much as possible, lifting the upper torso.
Repeat 10 times

Yoga bending

Lay down on your back.
Hands should be along your body.
Throw your legs behind your head and touch the floor with your feet.
Repeat 10 times.

Reaching your palm behind your back

Stand upright.
Raise your hand and reach it behind your back.
Touch the opposite shoulder blade with your palm. Your head may be pushed slightly forward.
Repeat 10 times with each hand.

Shaking your body

Stand on all fours on your knees. Relax your back.
Start shaking with quick and sharp bending of your arms at the elbows.
Repeat 10 times.

Swinging on the floor

Lie on your back.
Clasp your knees with your hands and push them against your chest
Start swinging your body back and forth.
Repeat ten times.

Strengthening the back muscles

Lie down on your stomach.
Your hands should be straight along your body.
Raise your head and chest and hold them in this position for three seconds.
Repeat this exercise five times.

Source: https://magazin.centrum.sk/
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