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9 Reasons To Drink Honey Water And How To Prepare It Properly

Few people know how healthy honey water is. It has been used for centuries to treat various ailments, as well as for cosmetic purposes.

Water and honey can help you lose weight.

Honey sugar is a natural sugar and a healthy source of calories. As a result, it helps to avoid the craving for sugary drinks and sweets. This helps to reduce unhealthy calories and weight loss.

Helps to cleanse the intestines.

A glass of warm water with honey, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, helps to improve our digestive system. The antiseptic properties of honey help to get rid of acids while increasing the production of intestinal mucus. It also helps to moisten the colon and relieve constipation. As a result, excess weight will gradually decrease.

Supporting the immune system

Honey has properties that help the immune system. Raw honey is full of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that are at the forefront of protecting bacteria. A UK study found that Manuka honey can even help reverse bacterial resistance to antibiotics. It is also an antioxidant that helps fight harmful free radicals that damage our body and skin.

Drinking of honey-water reduces allergies

As a result of regular consumption of honey, it helps your body become accustomed to pollen in your area. This, in turn, helps to reduce your sensitivity to environmental allergies.

Honey-Water provides energy and replaces coffee.

Honey and hot water are a powerful way to increase energy. Think of your body as a home plant. You know how they fade when they lack water. Your body does the same. Studies show that even mild dehydration can make you feel tired, sleepy and lazy.

So let’s add honey to this equation. You now have a natural source of simple sugars and carbohydrates in this proven energy booster. A new look at the energy you didn’t know could come without a cup of coffee. So, the next time you feel your energy is slightly reduced, try drinking some water first with honey and see if it helps.

Drinking Honey-Water soothes sore throat and cough

According to the Mayo Clinic, water with honey can help reduce sore throat. Honey helps protect the throat and also helps reduce cough.

Eliminate toxins from the body

Honey with water helps to remove toxins from the body. As a result, it activates regular bowel movements, which helps to get rid of toxins that can accumulate and cause disease. Adding lemon to the mix increases the benefits as lemons help increase urination. As a result, it helps to eliminate toxins and maintain urinary tract health. Lemon contains citric acid, which helps to increase the function of the enzyme. In turn, it stimulates the liver, which also contributes to detoxification.

Drinking water with honey helps with flatulence.

Do you feel swelling and gas formation? Drink a glass of warm water with honey, it will help you quickly. Honey helps neutralize gases.

Drinking water with honey improves overall health.

Drinking warm water with honey increases hydration and activates all processes in the body. It also helps to raise the level of “good” cholesterol in your body and reduces cardiovascular stress.

Preparation and consumption of Honey-Water

Mix a teaspoon of raw honey with a glass of warm water. In this way, you will get a 30% solution of honey, which is identical to the plasma in the composition. Honey forms a compound in water that enhances the healing ability of the water itself. This is scientifically proven. A mixture of water with honey is quickly absorbed by the body. To improve the efficiency of such water, you can let it infuse for at least 2-3 hours, and preferably overnight.

How To Drink Honey Water |

You can drink as many glasses a day as you want if you do not exceed the amount of honey per day. Because everything should always be measured and honey is no exception. Remember that this drink does not replace natural water and in this case do not give up hydration, which can only be obtained from pure water.

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