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8 Things You Should Never Put In The Microwave If You Don’t Want To Be Poisoned!

Here’s what you should never put in your microwave

Styrofoam cups and boxes
They can do a great job of protecting the food in the fridge, but they aren’t made for the microwave. The foam can be melted into the microwave and the chemicals will transfer to the food.

Paper envelopes
Unless the paper bag is specifically for use in the microwave, such as popcorn bags, it is not safe to use a regular envelope.

The reason is that they can release toxins into the food and even catch fire if the food gets too hot.

Plastic bags
Don’t even think about putting such bags in the microwave, there is a risk of them melting.

Travel mug
If you need to warm up your coffee, use a porcelain mug to warm it in the microwave before pouring it into the travel mug.

Vintage plates and bowls
If you have a vintage kitchen accessory for over 40 years, do not use it in the microwave. Their coating may contain lead or other components that are transferred to the food when heated to high temperatures.

Undiscovered boxes
Unless you want to clean the microwave, make sure each box is open. This will avoid the risk of explosion.

Fabrics and clothing
Even if it sounds absurd, there are people who think to dry their shoes or clothes as fast as possible on the microwave. Never put woven or wet shoes, they will not be the same.

Certain foods
Whether there is a risk of explosion, burning of the eyes or dangerous temperatures, there are some foods that should not be placed in the microwave. These include hot peppers, eggs in the shell, whole fruits, frozen meat or breast milk.

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