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11 Main Reasons Why Your Metabolism Is Slow and It Doesn’t Work To Your Advantage

One of the major causes of overweight and low dietary efficiency is slow metabolism in the body. The secret to the harmony of very thin women is not at all about exhaustive starvation or regular visits to the gym, but only in the acceleration of metabolism. Many stimulate it with the help of a specially selected complex of products. Of course, no one cancels a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet!

Let’s look at the possible factors that slow down your metabolism. Of the 11 reasons below, you can probably find the reason why diets do not work and the body is in no hurry to say goodbye to excess weight.

Causes of Slow Metabolism

Nervous stress slows down metabolic processes. Studies show that during stress, a woman’s body burns 100 calories less than at rest.

Iron deficiency
Iron acts as a supplier of oxygen to the muscles. With oxygen starvation, energy levels decrease and metabolism slows down. Be sure to include iron-rich foods in your diet: buckwheat, legumes, and liver.

Eating vegetables and fruits with nitrates
Fruits that are good for the body can harm it! Keep an eye on the quality of fruits and vegetables consumed: chemicals that are often processed interfere with normal metabolism.

Iodine deficiency
The thyroid gland directly affects metabolism, so you need to nourish it from time to time using iodized salt, as well as eat seafood, eggs.

Excessive heat in the house
Doctors have long been advised to ventilate the room before bedtime and the reason is not only the destruction of bacteria. Cold activates the subcutaneous fat, which is responsible for burning calories.

Wrong snacks.
Permanent snacks with fast carbohydrates only harm the figure. Replace cookies, chocolates, yogurt with nuts. The polyunsaturated acids they contain help to increase the activity of the hormones responsible for burning fat.

Vitamin D deficiency
The morning sun sets our body at the right extra daily rhythm. In turn, it regulates sleep, the amount of food consumed and the energy consumed. Take Vitamin D in the morning to begin metabolic processes.

Exclusion of strength training
Doing a daily motor practice will speed up your metabolism by up to 48 hours. Remember that the more you build muscle, the less body fat you will have.

Lack of dairy products in the diet
Dairy products contain nutrients and acids that influence fat burning and muscle formation. In addition, milk contains calcium, which is very important for regulating metabolism.

Insufficient intake of water.
The daily rate of water for normal metabolism is 1.5 liters per day. Green tea burns calories well, and a number of detox drinks remove toxins from the body.

Irregular eating
Eating food every 3-4 hours will bring stability to your digestive system and maintain your metabolism.

These are the secrets that our body hides! Follow your diet, eat healthy foods and stay in great shape. Useful information you can share with your friends!

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