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10 Ways to Get Rid of Stress – Easily and Effortlessly

We struggle with it every day. Because it is one of the major health risk factors, methods that can help relieve stress should be mastered on time.

Although it may initially seem like you are rushing to windmills, you will soon feel an improvement.

Weekend – For starters, leave work and problems related to your workplace. Research has shown that as many as two-thirds of employees check emails on weekends despite the fact that they won’t be able to respond before Monday. Enjoy your free time over the weekend and gather the energy you need for a new work week.

Cleanness – the premises where you live, whether it is a workplace or an apartment. The statement that cleanliness is half health can also be applied in the fight against stress, although there are no proven scientific studies to confirm this. However, many experts believe that order and cleanliness in the environment can ward off stress. Chaos on the table favors chaos in the head, which is a good base for stress.

Schedule – enter the appointments and activities that you need to perform during the day in a prepared schedule. Organizing work and appointments will make the workday easier, you will be able to breathe easier. Also, good organization will allow you to take more time for yourself and your hobbies, and it will also reduce the chances of forgetting something during the day and thus provoking stress.

Take Break – Take short breaks of five or 10 minutes between two appointments. It will help you to think, and at the same time, your body will have plenty of time to refresh and prepare for new endeavors.

Reduce a couple of Coffee – As many as 90 percents of adults enjoy the most widespread beverage in the world every day – coffee. In the morning it helps us wake up and get ready for new work commitments, but it has been proven that, in addition to lifting your body, it also increases stress levels. It has a positive effect on stress hormones, increases blood pressure and heart function. Frequent coffee breaks can lead to chronic stress.

Listen to music – because it has a positive effect on the human psyche. If you don’t like the repertoire on a radio station, insert your favorite CD into the player and relax.

Eight hours of sleep – helps to keep good health. If you do not sleep enough, the body does not have time to regenerate, thus becoming more vulnerable and sensitive, more susceptible to disease and stress. Adults should sleep about eight hours each day, but in addition to length, sleep quality is important. Restful sleep, without friction, will be the most healing, and in addition to a comfortable bed, the ideal sleeping temperature – about 18 degrees Celsius – can help meet this goal.

EASY Breathe – this will calm the stirred passions caused by stress. When you notice that you are breathing fast and shallowly, focus and start breathing in to fill both your lungs and your abdomen. Breathe in slowly, deeply, soothingly. Calming the whole body in this way is beneficial for both the soul and the body.

Walk – Even when you have only 10 minutes of free time, use it to take a brisk walk, for example, to the shop. By briefly escaping an environment where stress is lurking, you have a better chance of avoiding it. It is enough to take a few minutes to organize your thoughts and plan the next step.

Relaxing Tea – When stressed, warm herbal tea is the best beverage to relax you. A good choice is, for example, linden flower tea (a teaspoon of flowers with a cup of boiling water, leave for 10 minutes, strain and drink), which can also be added to bathwater, relaxes the body and mind before going to sleep. Thyme can also be used in stressful situations.

Evaporate a handful of dried leaves with 500 ml of boiling water, cover, drain after two hours, divide into three doses and drink throughout the day.

Thyme also calmly in nervousness, relaxes and reduces anxiety. Preparation: Evaporate a teaspoon of thyme with 200 ml of boiling water, cover and strain after 10 minutes.

Sweeten with honey and add two to three drops of lemon juice.

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