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10 Symptoms Warning For High Sugar Levels In The Body!

It is very important to know your blood sugar level at this time, as it manifests itself with certain symptoms that will help you figure out if you are suffering.

Symptoms that warn you about sugar levels

The risk of malnutrition is very high and is not based solely on weight gain or weight loss.

When it comes to malnutrition, it is important but not essential. There are other things that harm the body due to poor nutrition, such as blood circulation and sugar in our blood.

This can be very dangerous because blood is what makes our body move, so we will share the main symptoms that indicate high blood sugar.

  • We urinate very often and / or overnight.
  • We begin to have the most blurred vision.
  • We present very slow healing
  • We have infections all the time.
  • Common stomach problems
  • Fatigue or severe fatigue
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Excessive appetite
  • Manifestations of nervous problems

Excess belly fat or unexplained weight gain

It is important to check the food you eat. If you consume a lot of foods with a very high glycemic index, your blood sugar will rise.

The glycemic index or GI indicates the amount of carbohydrates a food has. These carbohydrates increase blood sugar.

Therefore, the higher the glycemic index of foods, the greater the likelihood of an increase in blood sugar. This index can range from zero to one hundred.

Foods with a GI of zero to 54 are considered low carbohydrate foods and can be consumed daily.

These GI foods from zero to 54 can be eaten safely and daily:

Egg: zero
A glass of hummus: six
A glass of broccoli: ten
Medium onion: ten
Bowl of nuts: fifteen
Cherries: twenty-two
A glass of porridge: twenty-two
A glass of yogurt: twenty-three
Sausage: twenty-eight
Medium size apple: thirty-eight

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