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10 (Not So) Harmless Habits That You Should Say Goodbye To Once and for All

Hygiene is the most important aspect of a person’s life. Often, without hesitation after a shower, we hang the towel on the hanger and spray with deodorant. Meanwhile, these seemingly harmless actions harm our health.

Today we will show you which hygiene habits are not as good as they seem at first glance.

Too often use fragrant bath bombs

One of the most toxic ingredients is contained in the bath-bombs. Up to 95% of these supplements are made from oil, while some of them affect the hormonal background. You should be especially careful with the composition of acetaldehyde: it is considered a dangerous carcinogen and can negatively affect the respiratory and nervous systems, as well as the kidneys.

Apply perfume to the underwear

Most often, skin irritation in intimate areas is a symptom of contact dermatitis. Risk factors include the use of perfumes. Doctors strongly do not recommend spraying laundry with perfume.

Too often you apply moisturizers or masks

An easy way to find out how often you use a humidifier is to see how long a bottle takes. If your bottle lasts for a few months, then everything is fine. And if in a few weeks, then it is worth reducing the use of such funds.

There are indirect signs of moisturized skin – clogged pores, oily luster and the appearance of acne (provided they have not been there before). If you use the cream too often, the natural moisturizing mechanisms will eventually deteriorate.

On average, experts recommend using the cream once in the morning and once in the evening if the skin is dry. In other cases, 1 time is sufficient.

Brush your teeth immediately after eating

It’s a paradox, but brushing your teeth immediately after eating is undesirable. Especially if your menu contains sour foods or juice. The fact is that the acid reacts with toothpaste – and together they destroy the enamel coolly. Therefore, with a paste and a brush, it is better to wait an hour or two, but the use of floss is not prohibited.

Use antibacterial soap

The soap may contain triclosan, which can alter the level of testosterone and thyroid hormones. And in large quantities, this substance causes uncontrolled cell growth, including cancer cells.

Triclosan is found in almost 75% of antibacterial soaps, as well as in cleansers and some toothpaste. The drug is officially banned in Canada and the US because cosmetics manufacturers have failed to prove its safety.

You use a scrub

Rubbing is considered to do more harm than good. By removing the top layer of dead skin, we destroy the natural protective barrier between the epithelium and the external environment. This helps to remove the oily glow, but the paradox is this: if there is no protective layer, then the skin begins to actively produce fat, which ultimately makes it even more oily.

Store the sponge in a humid place

Wet sponge – a breeding ground for bacteria in the house. In addition, if stored in the bathroom, it can even form mold. Using such a sponge can cause skin irritation and acne.

An ideal way to prevent the effects is to keep the cloth dry, in a ventilated area, or to use brushes that dry much faster

Give preference to the deodorant in the form of a spray

The main danger of sprays is that we inhale them. And the possible consequences are nausea, asthma attacks, allergies.

Despite the fact that many spray boxes say that spraying in confined spaces is unacceptable, yet no one is sprayed outdoors. It is better to use a regular roll-on if you are not accustomed to spraying the spray as directed.

Always use daily dressings

First of all, doctors recommend that you choose fragrance-free dressings: they do not irritate sensitive skin. It has also been found that their daily use significantly increases the risk of fungus. If, because of the circumstances, you still have to wear it daily, then you should change it more frequently during the day and take them off at night.

Pulling nose hairs with tweezers

The function of the hair is to filter the air and prevent the ingress of solids into the body. Plucking nose hairs can lead to two bad consequences:

  • If you have pulled out a hair, then a small wound will form in its place and bacteria can be trapped – and the wound will become inflamed.
  • Air filtration will no longer be as deep – foreign elements will start to enter.

The ideal solution to the cosmetic problem of nose hairs removal is to use a trimmer or at least a manicure scissors.

And which of these habits are characteristic of you?

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