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Walking Is One Of The Best Physical Activities You Can Do For Your Health

Walking is easy and inexpensive

It does not need special equipment, no padding, no opportunity. So get out and take a walk at a nearby park. You will feel better and we suggest taking a break at work (at least 10 minutes) to take a walk. Why is it good? Look at the following four reasons.

It’s great for the heart

If you walk for 30 minutes during the day, you have greatly helped your heart function. Women who walk often or at least three hours a week have the same heart benefits as women who practice hour and a half during the week.

Walking reduces the risk of some tumors

There is evidence that walking and other moderate activities reduce the risk of cancer. Post-menopausal women have a 30 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer. The ladies, who were active throughout their lives, had a 42 percent lower risk of contracting the disease, than those living in sedentary style.

Strengthens immunity

If you do not exercise at all, the risk of bacterial and viral infections increases, but excessive activity damages the immunity. The perfect compromise is moderate activity like walking, so wear comfortable shoes and go outside for a walk!

It’s great for the brain and psyche

However, it is clear that physical activity elevates mood, and doctors recommend it in depressive conditions. Walking is great for relieving stress because it has a much better effect on our health than a pill.

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