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Take This And Remove Even The Oldest Salt Deposits On Your Neck And Other Part Of Your Body

Every year more and more people complain of salt deposits in vital organs and bones. Among the main causes of this problem are poor metabolism, low mobility, poor quality, and unbalanced nutrition, as well as innate characteristics of the body.

The problem is that the accumulation of salt is almost painless and the person too late is paying attention to the problem.

Therefore, today we will tell you how to naturally remove salt from the body while acting as gently as possible

Parsley and lemon

To successfully deal with an unpleasant problem, we first suggest a diuretic that is easy to prepare with honey, parsley, and a few lemons.


250 g ( 8.8 oz) of parsley
250 grams ( 8.8 oz) of lemons
300 g (10 oz) of honey

Mix everything in a blender and add honey. Stir

This product should be drunk 3 times a day, one teaspoon.

It is worth paying attention to another tincture, which also helps to quickly remove salt deposits.

40 green nuts
2.5 liters (84 fl oz) of water

Separate the skin of the nuts, place them in a saucepan, cover with water and place over low heat.

Boil for about 30 minutes. Then cool the mixture and leave in a dark place for one day.

Consume half a glass in the morning, afternoon and before bedtime. Adequate medicine lasts about a week, so you should prepare a similar tincture for the next 7 days. The course of treatment – 5 weeks, then a month of rest and re-treatment. In addition, eat another 5-10 fresh nuts a day.

Note that this tincture is prohibited for people suffering from excess iodine in the body.

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