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Remove The Toenail Fungus Using A Very Simple Recipe

A lot of people take their legs for granted and tend to ignore them. However, foot health is part of overall health. Cracked, yellowing or colored toenails do more than just affect your ability to wear pads; it may be due to the nail fungus. Onychomycosis – commonly referred to as toenail fungus – can cause nails to thicken, yellow and crack, as well as cause pain, swelling and inflammation of the toe.

Although a fungal toenail infection may not be life-threatening, you will still understand the importance of your feet.

However, to find out if this is true, first of all, you need to do a microbiological test to confirm the presence of a toenail fungus.

You can use the following natural recipe for healing.

Before bed, put pure honey (candied) on and around your toenails.

Then wrap them with nylon wrap or put gloves on them to prevent the honey from leaking after it has melted.

Put a sock on top and stay that way at night.

Wash your toenails in the morning without soap, only with water.

Do not interrupt the course of treatment for 2 weeks or until complete disappearance of the fungus (if they are persistent).

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