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Pomegranate Juice Daily For Cleaning The Arteries From Fat Deposits!

Experts say nutrition and sports are crucial for a healthy heart and blood vessels.

Excessive intake of low or very high-fat foods raises blood cholesterol and significantly increases the risk of serious illness.

They should be avoided and consumed more of those foods that help in the natural cleansing of the body from the negative effects of eating junk food.

Studies have confirmed that pomegranate extract can prevent coronary artery obstruction due to fatty deposits, as well as clean and open up obstructed blood vessels.

Surprisingly, researchers have found that pomegranate extract is useful for:

  • Reduction of oxidative stress.
  • Reduction of protein synthesis (chemotactic factor-1) associated with inflammatory processes in the arteries.
  • Reduction of lipid accumulation in the heart muscle.
  • Decrease in the level of penetration of macrophages into the heart.
  • Reduce the risk of heart enlargement.
  • Reduction of cardiac disorders.

The study shows that daily consumption of pomegranate juice reduces the blockage of the arteries by at least 29%.

The benefits of using pomegranate in cardiovascular disease are quite great because of its following properties:

– Anti-inflammatory: inflammation plays an important role in the pathogenesis of the cardiovascular disease.
– Antihypertensive: Pomegranate lowers blood pressure.
– Anti-infectious: Plaque buildup is a result of infection. Pomegranate has antibacterial and antiviral properties that fight these bacteria.
– Antioxidant: One of the ways lipids in the blood become promoters of heart disease (atherogenic) is through oxidation. This fruit has been found to reduce the level of oxidative stress in the blood.

Source: The Healthy Archive

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