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If You Love Chocolate, You’ll Like It Even More Because It Soothes The Cough

A new British study conducted on 300 hospitalized patients with chronic cough, found that theobromine, an ingredient of cocoa, effectively reduces the unpleasant symptoms of coughing.

The researchers administered theobromine twice daily to the patients for two weeks and their symptoms were reduced by 60 percent. However, experts say that chocolate is not the ultimate cure because the symptoms return as soon as treatment stops. Previous studies by the British Association for Heart Health argued that theobromine blocks the action of the sensory nerves, which are responsible for the cough reflex.

Although most people cough occasionally, at every 12th person cough is so prominent that it interferes with daily activities. Scientists advise people suffering from chronic cough to eat four to eight cubes of chocolate each day to relieve symptoms.

Thirty grams of unsweetened dark chocolate contains about 450 milligrams of theobromine, while about 30 milligrams of this medicinal ingredient is contained in 30 grams of dark sweet chocolate. As expected, the least of theobromine is found in milk chocolate, with only 60 milligrams per 30 grams of chocolate. Therefore, the best choice is dark chocolate, which carries the lowest risk of obesity as a side effect of sweet therapy, as the researchers advise.

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