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Does Your Phone’s Battery Drain So Fast? How to Fix it? With these 7 easy tricks, it will take twice as long

Today, smartphones are no longer just a means of communication. With them, we can visit our favorite web pages, watch videos and videos, read news and play games. It is very frustrating, however, when the phone’s battery drops quickly. It turns out that often times rapid discharge is due to the fact that we do not handle the battery properly

Here are some mistakes that can make your phone drain too quickly.

1. Charge your smartphone 100%
Many people think that they should wait for the figure 100% on the screen. However, according to experts, it is best to maintain a battery charge of 30 to 80% by periodically short-charging.

2. Allow the phone to drain completely
This habit “consumes” the battery, so it’s better to put your phone on charge without waiting for a low-charge notification. Full discharge of the phone so that it can be completely switched off, it only needs to be done once every two months to calibrate the battery.

3. Allow the battery to overheat
Smartphone batteries respond extremely negatively to high temperatures – the optimum temperature range is 1 to 35 degrees.

4. You use the wireless charger too often
Wireless chargers can also cause the battery to overheat.

5. Charge the phone without removing the case
If your smartphone is warm during charging, the cover can cause retention of heat inside, which will lead to overheating of the battery.

6. Keep a spare phone without enough power
Many carry a spare phone if the battery on the primary phone is empty. Keep in mind that your backup phone will start to dilute rapidly if you do not keep it at least half full all the time.

7. You are using the wrong charging cable
All phones have specific charging cables. Sometimes a cable from another manufacturer may provoke insufficient charging or recharging of the battery of the smartphone.

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