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6 Mistakes You’re Making When You Shave Your Legs

This is a task that women around the world do several times a week, but it turns out that you can shave your legs completely wrong. A few simple changes in your daily routine will give you super-smooth feet.

If you want to avoid the annoying rash after shaving and have smooth skin, here are some simple tips.

Shaving technique is important, but there is little specificity to achieve soft, smooth skin without hair.

What to do before and after shaving is just as important.
Shaving seems pretty easy in theory. Apply shaving cream all over your body, take a razor and just move it up. That doesn’t sound too bad!

However … well. When dealing with irritation, redness, and bleeding, shaving seems more like a mini-war than just part of our daily routine.

Tips for a closer shave

1. Exfoliate
Exfoliation is important when it comes to shaving. Ideally, it should be done the day before shaving, not the same day and even less directly before shaving. Exfoliating one day before shaving will help get rid of all the annoying hair that has fallen under dead skin.

2. Shave at the end of your shower
Most of us start shaving as soon as we enter the bathroom. But this is not a good idea at all! The best time is at the end of the shower. The pores will be open, the hairs will be softer and you will get much smoother legs after shaving.

3. Be gentle
You may think that by pressing harder will result in a smoother shave, but this will actually irritate your skin. Keep in mind that newer razors should be gentler.

4. Use a clean shaver
You should never take someone else’s razor from someone. It doesn’t matter if it is your boyfriend, your sister or your best friend … razors contain too many bacteria that can spread infections such as warts (caused by a virus), folliculitis, or jock itch (fungal infection). … microscopic openings in the skin, which allow organisms to enter and spread infection.

5. Always use gel or foam
The whole point of using gel or foam is to avoid irritation and redness. Who will like itchy, irritated…legs?

6. Replace razors regularly.
If you notice an accumulation of gunk or waste in your razor, don’t try to clean it out with a brush or other tool. If the waste doesn’t rinse out easily with a stream of water, this is the first sign that you need to replace your razor.

Note the lotion you will use after shaving

That’s key, ladies! Just because the lotion smells good does not mean it works well. Look for non-alcoholic lotions that do not contain heavy perfumes in them.

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