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5 Signs Of Why You Sweat Too Much And What You Should Not Drink At That Moment

Do you sweat often, no matter how hot it is outside? It’s time to calm down and find out what your body wants to say

Here, in which situations sweating is excessive and you should not consume alcohol and beverages containing caffeine, and water is welcome:

Sweating caused by stress
The smell of sweat can indicate if you are stressed, how ugly and strange it sounds. When it is really hot, the glands that are present in the body are activated and naturally produce sweat, which is composed of water and salts that do not have a pronounced aroma.

But when you’re under stress, sweat produces apocrine glands, which are concentrated under the armpits. This sweat is made up of fats and proteins that mix with the bacteria to create an unpleasant odor.

Sweating caused by heatstroke
Walking around while it is warm outside and you suddenly feel sharp sweat and dizziness. This is the first sign that you are in a second of heatstroke. If you do not give the body water immediately, you are at great risk. You should not drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages at the time, as they promote dehydration

Sweating caused by sugar drop
Increased sweating can also be a symptom of a sudden drop in blood sugar. You can solve this problem by eating chocolate or sweet at your fingertips.

You are pregnant or in menopause
If you are pregnant or before menopause, expect to sweat and pay attention to this procedure. And in this case, avoid consuming alcohol and caffeinated beverages.

You have hypertension
If you cannot find the cause, be sure to see a doctor because you may have hypertension. This is a condition where you sweat uncontrollably, for no particular reason.

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