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With One Spoon Unclog The Sink, Clean The Windows, Clean Stains And 5 More Applications You Have Never Heard Of

Salt was once an expensive commodity. Its shortages have led to riots and military clashes.

Today, salt is the most common food.

Cheap and absolutely harmless salt can bring us many benefits. We tell you about some unusual ways to use ordinary salt for washing, cleaning and personal hygiene.


Washing windows in the house and the car

Dissolve 2 tablespoons salt in 3 liters (101 fl oz) of warm water. With this mixture, you can wash the windows and even remove stubborn stains on the furniture.

Easy laundry

To prevent clothing from shrinking and fading, add some salt to the washing machine. Using salt and some water can remove red wine stains. The mixture absorbs the wine, and it is enough just to wipe them with a cloth or a brush.


If you suffer from toothache, dissolve some salt in warm water and rinse your mouth. But consult your dentist before doing this procedure. If there is no toothpaste on hand, it will be replaced with a mixture of salt and baking soda in equal parts.

Eliminate sweating feet

You can make a foot bath with salt. To do this, add 3 tablespoons of salt and a quarter piece of toilet soap in 8 liters (270 fl oz) of water. The procedure eliminates the sweating and bad smell of the feet but can dry the skin.

Unpleasant smell

After cooking fish in the oven smells you? What to do? How to fix it? Salt will help. Pour some mixture into the oven and turn it on for a while. Just a few minutes after warming up, any odor disappears.

Cleaning of silver

Mix vinegar and salt and silver objects will shine. You will be surprised how your jewelry starts to shine.

Clogged sink

To clean the sink, especially in the kitchen, pour salt into it and pour boiling water over it. After a few seconds, you will see that the water flows perfectly and the pollution is eliminated.

Scrub skin

Mix salt with lavender essential oil. Apply the mixture on your face and then rinse with water. This is a very good scrub. The oil will soften your skin and the salt will restore its radiance and tenderness.

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