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In A Stroke Every Minute We Lose Two Million Brain Cells! Here Are 6 Symptoms Of Cerebral Hemorrhage That We Often Do Not Notice:

Every minute, during the stroke, the human brain loses nearly two million cells, and every one hour without medical aid, our brain grows for three and a half years.

Recovery after a stroke lasts very long and often patients never recover completely.

The sooner assist, the better, so it is so important to know all the warning signs of brain hemorrhage to get into the hands of doctors as soon as possible.

Here are the six symptoms of a severe stroke that we often ignore

1) Problems with vision
Many people believe that if they start seeing double or blurred, or even one eye stops seeing at all, it is all a result of extreme fatigue or old age.

However, the division of vision is extremely rare in fatigue. Blocked blood vessels during a stroke reduce the intake of oxygen into the eyes, resulting in characteristic symptoms.

2) Numbness in hand
If you wake up and find that your arm or leg is numb, it is near to the mind to assume that the only reason is to squeeze the nerve during sleep. Do not get hypochondriac and do not rush to the hospital.

However, if this feeling of numbness does not disappear within a few minutes, seek medical advice. Decreased blood flow through the artery that passes through the spine to the head causes tingling or weakness in one half of the body.

3) Slurred Speech 
Some medications such as painkillers or tranquilizers can cause distinctive speech abnormalities when a person begins to speak unclearly.

However, if you have not taken such medicines but have experienced a sudden change in speech, you should seek medical advice immediately – this is a classic symptom of stroke.

4) Loss of coordination
Many of us are aware of the fact that several glasses of alcohol have a negative impact on coordination, so a person can wander when walking.

But if you have not drunk alcohol and your coordination is still disturbed or have sudden vertigo, then do not wait until the symptom goes away, but call an ambulance.

5) Problems with memory/forgetfulness
Of course, everybody is confronted with innocent forms of forgetfulness, especially when we try to think of a word that seems to be at the top of our tongue.

At this point, carefully analyze the situation and think about whether you have begun to forget many more words than you did before, all at once? If yes, contact a doctor immediately.

6) Headache
According to statistics, 60% of the population of our planet faces regular headaches, and every third person suffers from migraines.

Migraine can sometimes resemble the symptoms of a stroke, and they are often confused, but if you have not had such pain before, or if they are accompanied by any of the symptoms listed above, do not hesitate to go to a doctor.

Remember these symptoms because they may be crucial in a situation where every second is valuable! Take care of your health!


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