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Here’s Why You Should Lift Your Arms At Least 3 Times A Day

Sometimes a simple move helps to solve many problems in the body. The same situation is with lifting arms overhead.

4 effects that are worth lifting your arms overhead several times a day.

1. Improvement of the digestive tract. When the arms are lifted, the gastrointestinal tract becomes less distorted. As a result, food passes faster and corrects excessive movement.

2. The best shape of the hand. Lifting the arm improves blood circulation and muscle strains. In this case, the entire upper part of the body is involved, the spine is upright, and the main muscles are strengthened.

3. Lift the internal organs. It seems that the breasts and abdominal organs calm down and move from their natural place. And when we lift our arms overhead, we return the organs to the place.

4. The fast flow of liquid. When you lift your arms after drinking, the liquid will pass through the gastrointestinal tract and wash off all the slags. This will help in the normalization of stool. Do you know about this?

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