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Get Rid Of Varicose Veins, Lack Of Memory And Headaches By Using This Leaf!

Only some people know that the bay leaves used in the kitchen can be very helpful to our health. The bay leaves are used to make an excellent medicinal oil that has many beneficial properties for our health and you can prepare it at home!

Benefits of bay leaves:

– calming the nervous system.

– Strengthen the immune system.

– reduce the problems with the colon.

– reduce and stimulate the sweating process.

– very useful for joint pains, helping with varicose veins.

– improve mental activity as a whole.


30 grams (1 0z) of fresh bay leaves
One cup of olive oil


– Crush the bay leaves.

“You should notice some oil coming out of them.

– Let them dry.

– Then mix them with olive oil and keep them in a glass jar.

– Cover and let it rest for 2 weeks in a cool, dry place.

– After a while, you need to replace the crushed leaves with new ones so that the flavor can be enhanced by the same procedure.

– Cover and leave for another two weeks, then strain the oil.

-Use a piece of gauze or cotton

Bay Leaf Oil Benefits

Rub the oil on the affected area.
You can also use it for ear problems or for migraine treatment.
For severe headache, massage this oil on the temples and the pain will disappear quickly.
You can even replace aspirin using laurel oil because this oil reduces body temperature.
It improves appetite.
It helps you remove stomach ache and intestinal problems. Normalizes renal and hepatic function.
This oil can be used as a lotion to solve skin problems.
It is very effective and can be used as a lotion against pimples and acne.

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