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Depression, Weight Gain, Hot Flushes – The Culprit For All Is The Lack Of Just One Hormone. Here’s How To Get It:

Women’s health is an important symbiosis of several factors – age, self-care, health and last but not least – hormonal balance. Every lady naturally always wants to look attractive and beautiful, and the hormone content of her body plays a major role in this quest.

One of the most important female hormones is estrogen. In principle, it is also present in the male body, but in much less quantity and affects the condition of the appearance and health of man only in situations where it is in obvious excess.

The main effect of estrogen is aimed at ensuring the fertility of women.

Estrogen is a word that consists of two parts: “oistros” – irresistible desire, passion; “genes” – challenging.

Or literally – inducing passion.

In other words, it is the hormone of sexuality. Precisely rounded shapes, chest and even female “giggle” – the culprit for all of them, according to doctors, it is precisely this hormone.

Therefore deficiency of estrogen occurs naturally in:

  • depression and mood swings;
  • weight gain;
  • hot flashes;
  • fatigue;
  • low self-esteem, and inattention to the appearance;
  • reducing sexual desire and sensitivity.

That is why it is often called the hormone of youth. While a woman feels like a woman and attractive, age doesn’t matter.

Of course, it is impossible to make the diagnosis “estrogen deficiency” solely on the basis of the above signs. Both depression and fatigue can be the result of many other ailments. Hormone levels can only be determined by the correct test. According to the results of the tests, doctors prescribe hormone replacement therapy or other treatment. However, whether this is the right approach – it has long been confirmed and proven that artificial hormones work much harder and have a stronger effect than phytoestrogens – plant hormones.

The main problem with hormone therapy is that with long-term administration of artificial hormones in the body, the woman’s own body actually stops producing them (despite the fact that they are in short supply). And then it is no longer possible to resume this process.

Phytoestrogens, on the other hand, are much more sparing and less aggressive.

Therefore, when a lower level of estrogens is found, it is better to maintain their level by consuming foods and herbs containing the plant hormones in question. By the way, this is a good way to offset your hormone levels after childbirth, when the sharp decline in the amount of estrogen leads to postpartum depression and serious hair loss.

There are 3 types of plant hormones with estrogenic activity: isoflavones, lignans, and coumestans.

Here are the foods that contain the most estrogen:


This is the number 1 product in terms of quantity of plant hormones (a group of lignans with estrogenic activity). In addition to hormonal action, flaxseed has many other beneficial properties for the female body (anti-tumor, body cleansing, antioxidant properties …). Flaxseed is used in ground form, together with a large amount of liquid. It is added to the breakfast cereal or consumed with honey. Therapeutic (maximum) dose – 2 tablespoons a day. The plant hormone lignan is also found in sesame and sunflower seeds.


Legumes (green peas, beans, chickpeas) and mainly soy contain isoflavones and are also phytoestrogens.

But doctors are increasingly warning that a large amount of soy is not good for the body. In addition, according to recent data, 90% of soybeans are genetically modified. But there is a kind of legume that we do not deserve to pay attention to – lentils. It is simply a unique product for women: the lens contains the maximum amount of protein per plant product; You can prepare it in just 15 -20 minutes; The lens also contains tryptophan, which turns into serotonin, which in turn relieves depression.



A study conducted with women who consumed up to 2 cups of coffee daily showed that 90% of those tested had an estrogen level increased by 70%. Pay attention to this, because it increased the level of estrogen prevents women to reduce pounds in the lower abdomen and thighs. Therefore, coffee lovers who want to lose weight just have to set themselves a goal to stop drinking their favorite drink.


Of all fruits, apricots have the highest content of the hormone lignan.  You can eat them fresh or dried (dried apricots).

These plant hormones are also found in animal products, but now all physicians are agreeing that it is undesirable to use them to increase the level of hormones. This is due to the fact that modern sources of meat and milk come already with the addition of hormones and contain various chemicals that promote the rapid development of animals.

Estrogens are also present in the following herbs:

– sage;
– hops;
– ginseng root;
– arnica;
– chamomile;
– linden;
– licorice root.

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