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Chest Pain? Without Panic – Here Are The 11 Most Common Causes And When Pain Is Really A Sign Of Anxiety:

Dr. Natalie Bullock, an obstetrician at the Mercy Medical Group in Elk Grove, California, notes that chest pain is very common and is rarely a symptom of breast cancer. However, if you notice redness, swelling, and fever, it is a sign of infection (especially in nursing women) and you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

If you do not have these symptoms, here are some common reasons why breast can hurt you.

1. Incoming Cycle
One of the most common causes of chest pain is hormonal fluctuations one week before the onset of menstruation. Cyclical pain associated with menstruation is considered normal and usually affects the two breasts, whereas non-cyclical pain affects only one breast.

2. You have an inflammatory entity
Due to the various inflammatory processes in the chest, cysts can form – a build-up of fluid in the so-called “pouches”. Very often, cysts are confused with oncological diseases because the symptoms are a little similar, but in fact, cysts are benign tumors and can be cured quite easily.

3. You are on hormone replacement therapy
If you are taking hormone replacement therapy to treat symptoms of menopause or change of sex, it can cause chest pain.

4. You are taking pills for contraception
Using birth control pills can also increase chest pain. If the pain increases, then. it is most likely necessary to replace the drug.

5. You exercise too much
Too intensive upper body training can affect the muscles of the chest wall that are under your chest. To do this, wear a supportive sports bra in exercises.

6. Your chest tightens your muscles
The big breasts stretch the supporting links, causing pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. To avoid this, wear a sportswear bra!

7. Your bra is of the wrong size
This happens more often than you think! Measure yourself and make sure you wear a bra with the right size that does not pinch your chest.

8. You often wear heavy
Carrying heavy bags or backpacks can cause pain in the ribs or chest wall – which can be confused with chest pain.

9. You have a sedentary job or a poor posture
Poor posture and sedentary work can cause tension and chest pain. Try to stand upright, do not bend and keep your back upright. Maybe it is worth changing the chair too.

10. You are pregnant
The fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone, which prepare breasts for milk production, can cause chest sensitivity. This may begin another two weeks after conception.

11. You have angina
Chest pain can only be localized on one side. It is especially necessary to pay attention if the pain appears on the left. Often cardiovascular diseases such as angina pectoris, or heart attack, can hide in the form of this type of pain. These pains are most often accompanied by pressure and burning effect.

As you can see, many causes do not pose a threat, but in any case – chest pain is the cause of an immediate doctor’s visit.

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