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12 Foods That If You Exclude From Your Menu, You Will Always Have A Tight And Flat Stomach

Even with healthy and dietetic meals, we occasionally feel that the stomach continues to grow at a cosmic speed. First of all, it is connected with flatulence, and secondly – with fast fat deposition in the area of the waist.

This can lead to products from which the belly grows. There are no exercises that will help you if you do not exclude these products from your diet. Why this happens, read our current article.

How To Shrink Your Belly

Typically, products that contribute to the appearance of fat on the abdomen can be divided into 2 categories:

The first causes abdominal swelling and creates a temporary visual effect of abdominal enlargement, only passes in a few hours; these products do not contribute to the extra pounds but visually make very abdominal fat

The second category lies on a long-term basis, increase the size and amount of fat in the abdomen. This is due to the fact that such food consists of ingredients that quickly turn into fat.

Products that visually increase your waist due to inflation include:

Carbonated mineral water
If you were planning to wear tight clothing or too thin for the evening, it is better to refuse to drink carbonated water. Hydrocarbon increases the volume of the stomach and the accumulation of gas. This effect lasts from 1 to 3 hours. Instead of carbonated water, drink plain water: it will relieve you of the feeling of discomfort.

Sugars and sweets without sugar
All candies without sugar contain its substitutes – xylitol, sorbitol, and maltitol. All these substances are sugar alcohols and only partially digested in the body. They are less calorie, have a low glycemic index and do not cause obesity. At the same time sugar substitutes lead to unpleasant side effects: swelling of the abdomen, excessive gas formation and sometimes diarrhea. As a result, you will not get the desired flat stomach, but a great discomfort.

It is no secret that raw cabbage leads to increased gas. The vegetable itself is very low calorie and indispensable during the diet, but you should not eat it in those days when you need a perfect figure. The swelling that causes the cabbage can not even hide the perfect abdominal presses. But there is a solution: if the leaves are subjected to heat treatment, the coarse fibers are destroyed and the cause of the gases disappears on its own.

Grapes – too heavy a fruit to digest and cause increased swelling and gas formation. Try not to lean on it if your clothes do not require free space to swell the abdomen. Grapes have another disadvantage – a high enough glycemic index that leads to the release of insulin and hence to fatty deposits in the waist.

Bean products
Everyone knows about the ability of legumes to lead to excessive swelling. It is provoked by a plant protein that is very saturated in them. Our stomach does not have enough enzymes to digest them quickly, and this leads to the fact that beans begin to ferment in the digestive tract. Try not to abuse a lot unless they are part of your daily diet. Otherwise, it can turn into terrible discomfort and gas.

The second group not only leads to increased gas production but also contributes to the growth of fat in the abdomen. This category includes:

Ice cream
Although these delicacies are often recommended to those who eat healthily, they can not be considered low calorie and low-fat. Like all other products containing sugar, candies, and dyes, they lead to a leap in blood sugar and an elevated level of insulin that converts to fat. Also, these candies will cause abdominal swelling.

Flour products
White bread and muffins are made from refined wheat flour, which has no nutritional value. Using flour leads to an increase in insulin levels, and then to fat deposition in the abdomen and waist. And freshly baked yeast several times increases the formation of gases in the stomach. If you’re a fan of muffins, it is better to give preference to whole grain flour, which will definitely not cause so much trouble and discomfort.

Carbonated drinks
This includes any sweet carbonated water. It is much more insidious because it contains a huge amount of sugar and dietary drinks – even more harmful sweeteners. All of these ingredients lead to fat cell processes, which are already known due to increased insulin production.

Fast food
We like to eat fast food during a meeting with friends or as a snack at work, but we always forget that such food contains the most harmful kind of substance – trans fats. They not only spoil the waist, but they are also highly carcinogenic. Trans fats cause inflammation in the stomach and force you to drink much more than any other food. Therefore, the feeling of stomach weight and discomfort will persistently persecute you.

Sausages and salami
Semi-finished products save the lives of many people in modern, dynamic life, but do not forget about their harm. Sausages contain a large amount of saturated fat, which contributes to the occurrence of inflammatory processes in the stomach and increase in weight. Manufacturers also add too much sodium to them – a flavor enhancer that forces you to eat one more piece each time. Sodium retains fluid in the body and provokes swelling.

White refined rice is very fast and easy to digest but even faster increases insulin levels and starts a chain reaction that leads to fat deposition.

If you have a tendency to fat deposition in the abdomen, pay attention to the glycemic index of the products used, and also practice sport to pumping abdominal and oblique muscles. Also on our website, you will find an article on how to quickly get rid of belly fat at home. Keep useful articles for yourself and be sure to share them with friends!

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