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The Shape Of The Front Teeth Reveals One Of Your Finest Qualities – Just Look In The Mirror:

There are many tests of the personality – most of them characterize us by the day of birth, the features of the palms, the birthmarks, the features of the face. This test is one of the most interesting tests of the character we have imagined.

It turns out that our smile is also no exception, it reveals something unexpected for our lives.

To make this simple and quick test, you simply have to look into the mirror and determine which of the images you see most closely resemble your front two teeth. Then we’ll let you know what your tooth shape means to you.

1. Square teeth
You have a golden heart! You are able to give love even when you do not have to. You yourself do not mind sharing this warm feeling with everyone around you. You are one of the people who are just good in nature and you can love even those who in the past have insulted you cruelly. Communicate perfectly with everyone.

2. Round teeth
You are a wonderful man. You can handle any difficult situation and capture everyone with a smile. People love you because of your dedication and good heart. Do not forget to enjoy life and ignore the evil tongues. These people do not deserve your time, nerves and attention.

3. Triangular teeth
You are the soul of the company. People are literally hypnotized by your charm and uniqueness. You easily achieve everything you want and set your goals for. That’s why you often smile and take risks. You prefer to laugh before you look serious and argue with people. You are very social people.

4. Rectangular teeth
You are the very embodiment of kindness. You love helping others, and your pure heart never wants anything in return. You are honest with the people around you. You think that if you share your happiness with the rest you will be happy too because they will be happy for you. You are generous to friends and loved ones. You are easy to understand with others.

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