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SLIMMING SCHEDULE: Eat Whatever You Want And Drink Water An Hour. The Result Is Minus 15% Fat

We explain fatigue and headache with stress and problems at work, take pills, eat all kinds of delicacies, and drink only 1 cup of plain water. Yes, many are a surprise, but in most cases, the cause is very insignificant – the lack of water on which the body reacts very acutely. Every second person only drinks one-third of their daily dose, which leads to disturbing the chemical processes in the body.

And if a young body is still dealing with shortages, with age, people start having a number of problems. Answer the simple question: How often do you suffer from headaches and fatigue, how much water do you drink, except tea and coffee? If the pain has come to your usual health, it’s time to think.

In the last few years, the articles on healthy lifestyles mention the importance of water to the health of the whole body. This is the most useful product on our planet, and the more you drink during the day, the healthier you become. Literally, with each sip, each cell is cured, rejuvenated, filled with useful elements. But experts are ready to argue with it.

“There is a belief, supported by articles in magazines, that our need for water needs to be met as the body needs,” says nutritionist Goldberg. – My colleagues and I would never say that people should only drink water. This is an individual issue for everyone. ”

The amount of water consumed may vary depending on the human body and its needs, its place of residence and the nature of the activity. If you stick to the popular dose of 1.5-2 liters(50-67 fl oz) of water per day, then drink it at the right time to get the most benefit.

The Best times of day to drink water

08:00. Two glasses of warm water with lemon on an empty stomach. This is proven to be the best start of the day. Water on an empty stomach is a way to achieve the desired level of hydration, to awaken the body, to prepare for food intake. By the way, breakfast can be no sooner than half an hour after drinking water.

11:00. A glass of water at room temperature. Drinking water at the time means reducing your appetite and eating half the usual portion during lunch. For those who think dinner is their main dish, it will look like a real blasphemy. But if you want not only to improve your health but also to lose weight, make it a habit.

13:00. A cup of hot water 30 minutes before lunch and glass for lunch. There is a myth that it is bad to drink lots of fluids while you eat. If you drink a sweet drink or carbonated drink, and even in large quantities, it will definitely hurt you. But a glass of warm water during lunch will help you improve your digestion.

16.00. Half a liter of water at room temperature. We fill the difference between lunch and dinner in different ways: fruits, chocolate bars, chips.

And you only need water.

20:00. A cup of warm water. This is the final stage. You can add a piece of lemon and some liquid honey, which will not only improve its taste, but it will also benefit your body.

Such a drinking scheme not only provides the health of the body but also helps to get rid of overweight. You will no longer need diets, starvation, and other restrictions. Drink water according to schedule and lose weight, and in return earn health and beauty every day. Share information with others and prove that the main thing is when not how much you drink. Success!

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