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Every Second Woman Has A Problem With The Thyroid Gland – 8 Important Symptoms That We Daily Neglect:

The thyroid gland is one of the most important human organs. It interacts with all organs and influences general well-being in general.

Any anomaly or dysfunction of this gland is manifested in symptoms that we should not neglect.

The thyroid gland is located in the neck area and its main task is to produce hormones, which in turn are responsible for proper metabolism.

Disturbances in its function mean an irregular hormonal balance, which negatively affects the body. Today we will introduce you to 8 of the most common symptoms of thyroid dysfunction.

8 Symptoms of Thyroid Dysfunction:

1.  Shaking hands and unconventional nervousness, irritability
These symptoms indicate such a disease as hyperthyroidism caused by an excess of hormones. They may be accompanied by fatigue, anxiety, irritability because metabolism is too rapid. Another symptom may be a distraction.

2. Changes in mental response
This symptom can also be caused by hypothyroidism, although it is totally opposed to the first symptom. In fact, in this case, not enough hormones are produced, which also leads to fatigue and exhaustion.

3. Changes in weight
When the thyroid gland secretes too many hormones, the body, in turn, can not cope with them. In this case, a person will gain weight, even if adheres to a strict diet. And with too low hormone levels, body weight decreases even if everything is fine with appetite.

4. Various unexplained pains
This can be not only common fatigue or weakness but also a pain in the muscles or joints that occurs for unknown reasons.

5. Menstrual cycle disorder
In the case of hypothyroidism, menstruation can be long and painful. And for hyperthyroidism – on the contrary, fast and short.

6. Swelling
Low levels of hormones cause abdominal swelling and abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract in general. Most often this is a long-lasting censure. In hypothyroidism, not only the limbs but also the person, acquire a strange appearance.

7. Impaired temperature perception
Often people with an enlarged thyroid are characterized by reactions that are incomprehensible to most healthy people. Low hormones are often cold, and high hormones – on the contrary, they feel excessive heat.

8. Changes in the body
Dry and seemingly lifeless hair is a sign of hypothyroidism. As well as pallor and yellowish hue of the skin as a whole.

The next step after identifying the disease is to find appropriate ways to treat it.

If you have found one or more of the above signs in yourself, perhaps it is time to do a simple study of thyroid hormone levels – at least for your own comfort. Self-diagnosis does not in any way replace the doctor’s expertise – keep it in mind and be healthy!

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