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Do You Drool When You Sleep – What Does This Situation Mean?

Have you ever wake up and find that your pillow is wet where saliva flowed from your mouth while you sleep? The phenomenon is common, even in films often used as a feature of the character – it looks a very cute picture, especially when the hero is a child.

But have you ever thought about why saliva is actually being released and whether it is a sign of any problem in our body? Today we will answer these questions.

In fact, since saliva gets accumulated in the mouth while we sleep, it can slowly start dripping because the relaxed facial muscles may lead to a slightly open mouth.

However, this is a healthy sign. Scientists believe that when you drool while sleeping is a good sign and testifies to the proper functioning of the nervous system.

The dream has several phases of the same duration. The main phase is REM sleep.

During this time the body falls into a deep sleep. In order not to run around the room during dreams, chasing butterflies or running away from monsters, some neurotransmitters are blocked by the nervous system and thus limiting muscle movements. If the body is completely relaxed, then the person releases saliva.

It is not difficult to guess why salivation in children is more common. They do not live in so much stress that affects good and qualitative sleep.

The situation was explained by a specialist in this area, Dr. Jorge Abel Salinas: “In the dream of an adult brain functions are busy with rest and recovery. It stops swallowing and accumulated saliva is removed naturally.

During a deep sleep, the body relaxes completely and the mouth opens. This can not be called a negative phenomenon. On the contrary, it shows that all internal processes in the body are normal.

So there is no cause for concern – sleep calmly and stay healthy!

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