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7 Hidden Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency That You Should NOT Ignore!

Going to a doctor is a great way to get help with any symptoms you can have, but for many people, this is also a way to get some peace of mind. The presence of a medical specialist diagnoses your symptoms and gives you a particular treatment method is not only useful but also relieved as it gives you a specific plan to follow.

This does not mean that every time you visit a doctor you will find an answer.

In fact, this experience is very different when dealing with symptoms that are not so easily diagnosed or are not known. It is not uncommon for people to come up with chronic fatigue that has no known source and explanation

The truth is that many people who do not have enough iron can remain undiagnosed for months, maybe even years before they understand the cause. It is therefore extremely important to educate yourself about the symptoms associated with this condition.

The 7 hidden signs of iron deficiency:

Before we start this list, it is important to note that if you think you have any of these symptoms, you should get a diagnosis by a healthcare professional before being treated with excessive amounts of iron. This is because there are potential negative benefits of consuming too much iron and some symptoms of lacking enough iron under other conditions.

1. Always feel tired
Probably the most common symptom of this deficiency is that people who have it constantly feel tired. Of course, the feeling of fatigue is not a very unusual condition, but excessive fatigue can point to something more extreme. If you feel too tired and do not know why the possibility of iron deficiency may be the cause.

2. Restless Limbs
Restless leg syndrome is a neurological disorder that causes severe discomfort in the limbs – tingling and numbness in the extremities. Studies have shown that caffeine can exacerbate such complaints. The syndrome is also associated with iron and folic acid deficiency, especially in people with kidney disease.

3. Dry skin and hair
This is one of the symptoms of lack of iron, which is not noticeable as often as others but is still very present in people suffering from this condition. The presence of dry skin is associated with a deficiency, but weak and damaged hair is usually associated only with those who lack iron.

However, excessively dry hair and skin can also be the result of a lack of a healthy diet. To make sure this is not the cause of your symptoms, you should try changing your diet to include a more complete meal.

4. Anxiety
Many people worry and worry from time to time, but if you deal with it daily for intense periods of time, this may be a symptom of iron deficiency. If you do not have enough iron in your system, this can lead to a lack of enough oxygen in your blood. This will definitely affect the nervous system of the body, which will make you feel more anxious than normal.

5. Dizziness / Headache
Those who have iron deficiency often report a constant feeling of dizziness that never disappears. This can be extremely worrying because it can begin to interfere with their daily activities. Many people deal with headaches daily, but few deals with it as a constant problem. However, the headache does not mean that you have a deficiency of iron. Like many of these signs of iron deficiency, this should happen along with many other symptoms, as there are many other reasons why one would have a headache, as opposed to a deficit.

6. Swollen tongue
This is one of the more uncommon symptoms of iron deficiency, but those who suffer from this symptom will notice that their tongue feels uncharacteristically inflamed or swollen.

This can be seen only by looking at your tongue in the mirror – do you feel it unusually bigger than normal? Can you feel a difference when you eat food? A lack of iron can cause your tongue to swell because of low levels of myoglobin when your body does not have enough iron.

7. Pale skin
Hemoglobin is also the part of the blood that makes its color red, so without it your blood will be less pale. Because your blood plays a huge role in what your skin looks like, you may notice that it loses its luster as a result of the lack of iron.


The most difficult part of many of these symptoms is that you do not even realize that they are symptoms of an actual condition. That is why many people confuse the symptoms of deficiency only as dehydrated or restless.

We hope this list has been helpful to correctly identify the iron deficiency symptoms and, if necessary, to go to a doctor.

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