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6 Foods That Lead To Puffy Face In The Morning

What to do when your face in the morning looks double due to swelling? Cold compresses, masks – all of this, of course, is good. But it is better to remove the cause than to deal with the consequences. Today we will tell you why your face and eyes swell in the morning.

Swelling of the face in the morning

The reason for the swollen face in the morning may be several foods you used for dinner. These products keep the water in the body and literally inflate your face while you sleep. Drinking a diuretic to get rid of puffiness is a bad option. Because the consequences can be worse than a puffy face.

Our editors today will tell you what products are “printed” in the morning on your face.

Fast food
In fast food, there is plenty of salt, which retains water in the body and provokes swelling.

Semi-finished products
The same story as fast food. Just, that in sausages, except salt, there are supplements that damage the whole body. Better to prefer a piece of pure meat or baked fish.

Useful vegetables – cabbage, radishes, broccoli, garlic, onions – better to eat for lunch. These products provoke the formation of gases leading to edema.

Canned marinated vegetables
pickles and jams contain sugar or salt in excess. These products dehydrate the skin and cause puffiness. Better to eat a few fresh vegetables or fruits.

If you have not been affected so far by the side effects of a hangover, remember your reflection in the morning mirror after your evening pleasure. Alcoholic beverages not only catch the liquid but also clog the body with toxins.

Sweet things are dangerous not only for the waist but also for the face. If you really want jam, eat dried fruit, your faces will not get so swollen. But do not overdo it – too, in dried fruit, there is too much sugar.

That’s why the face swelling up in the morning. To have a well-groomed and beautiful face, you must properly and regularly clean it.

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