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4 Foods You Don’t Have to Wash Before Cooking – Thus Losing Their Taste

We all know that most products must be washed thoroughly before use to prevent disease. It turns out, however, that this is not true for all food products and in some cases our efforts go in vain.

There are products that need to be cooked directly without washing. Here are the foods that do not wash before cooking:

Red meat

If you wash the red meat before cooking, you add moisture and this will affect the taste of the dish. Absorb the meat with a paper towel or a napkin. If you are planning to marinate the meat, always keep it in the fridge. The same goes for chicken.


The taste and consistency of the mushrooms change when washed with water. Just clean the surface by peeling or brushing with a damp brush. The mushrooms absorb everything with ease, so protect them from excess moisture. When cooking any bacteria would disappear.


It is a common practice to wash the eggs before eating. If they are domestic, this is a must. But if they are out of the store, they are pre-washed before they are marketed. They are also coated with mineral oil to protect the egg.


Many people rinse pasta after cooking, which is a big mistake if you want to have the best dish. Rinsing the macaroni only serves to rinse the starch from it, making it difficult adherence of sauces.

But rice or quinoa should always be washed with water before you start preparing them to get the right taste and consistency.

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