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Doctor Pointed Out The Diseases That Are Recognized By The Condition Of The Legs

When our body does not feel well and we have some illness, symptoms usually appear to “suggest” that something is wrong.

Quite often, however, in the hectic daily life, we do not pay attention to these signs, especially if they are not related to pain or do not interfere with our usual rhythm of life. However, it is better to “listen” to these alarms in order not to complicate our condition even further and to eliminate a problem at the beginning.

British physician Christian Jensen spoke at the London Medical Conference, where he explained that the symptoms of many serious illnesses are manifested in the form of certain leg states.

In particular, Christian Jessen notes, cold and pale legs are often seen in patients suffering from problems with clogged arteries and cardiovascular disease.

The persistent muscle weakness in the legs is characteristic of people suffering from arrhythmias and neurological diseases.

In some patients’ condition, doctors often find elevated blood sugar and a tendency to diabetes. With increased blood sugar level, the nerves are damaged, the bloodstream suffers, and also the sensitivity of the legs.

“People who are prone to diabetes should regularly visit an orthopedist,” said the British physician.

In addition, in one patient leg pain was a symptom of intestinal cancer. Commenting on this case, the physician points out that inflammatory processes in the body can manifest as symptoms away from the source of inflammation, so leg pain can also be an indicator of oncological processes.

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