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Why Should You Never Turn The A/C After You Start Your Car!

It is everyone’s habit to turn the A/C right after starting the car. Little do we know that by doing so, we expose ourselves and the others around us to a serious hazardous gas called benzene.

It is a normal routine to leave the car out with closed windows, preferably under a shade. No one really thinks that a car just by standing there can accumulate something as hazardous as Benzene. The car gathers 400-800 mg of Benzene in places up to 15 – 16 degrees with ( mind you) closed windows.

Now, it’s clear that the higher the heat, the bigger the accumulation of the gas and bad smell of all the materials inside of the car…but it’s 2000 – 4000 mg, 40 times the tolerable level if cars are exposed to sun heat. The odor you sometimes smell tells you something is wrong. The gas inside your car is what went wrong while it was parked. You inhale it the second you get into your car.

It is called Benzene and it can damage your kidneys, bone tissue and the liver. It is highly toxic and quite difficult for the body to get rid of.

You can check in your car’s manual and see for yourself that it is clearly written that you should open your car’s windows before using the A/C. Why is it so? Well, for optimal performance maybe?!!

Don’t fall for that! Here’s a medical explanation.

Before the car gets cooled, it literally spits out in your direction everything that has been accumulated from dust particles, to cancer-causing Benzene.

If you want to save yourself from poisoning, just remember to open your windows or car doors before you even get into the car. Leave it open like that for a few minutes for the gas to move out and just after that turn on the Air Conditioning. Wait some more, and that’s it!

Only a few minutes of your time makes a big difference for your health.

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