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The Best Home Method Of Testing Thyroid. Lubricate your hand with IODINE and see the results in the morning

Iodine – this is an important element for the body whose excess or deficit affects the body weight

Iodine deficiency affects mental health, brain function, and other organs responsible for the well-being of the body

Thyroid hormones consist of 65% iodine. If iodine deficiency increases, the thyroid gland increases and a non-lazy disease (goiter) occurs.

Almost all thyroid changes happen because it attempts to compensate in some way what is not delivered to it or which it receives in extremely small doses.

Lack of iodine

It is very important to check the level of iodine in your body. This can be done using a simple home test.

We have already written about this test, but we will repeat exactly how this simple and easy procedure is done for those who do not know. Once you have done this test, it is advisable to ask for advice and diagnosis by a specialist, especially if the results of the home test are not very good.

So what do you have to do?

In the evenings, before you go to bed, draw three lines on the inside of your hand with a cotton swab, as shown in the picture. The lines you make need to be thin, slightly thicker and most dense.

Immediately consult a doctor if you do not see any of the three lines in the morning. For the best benefit and correct information, you need an endocrinologist.

If only the fat line remains, reconsider your diet. The daily iodine rate can be obtained with regular consumption of foods such as algae, cod, shrimp, eggs, dried apricots, pineapple, and guava.

If only the thin line disappears – your health is not in danger.

Remember: Using iodized salt – the cheapest and most affordable way to prevent hypothyroidism.

But in order to have an effect on it, it is necessary to add sparingly to cold meals only. If you are using iodized salt, all its valuable properties will literally evaporate.

Finally, we will share with you a method of improving blood circulation with iodine. Right from the start, we want to warn you that it is good to use iodine extremely sparingly and very carefully.

To improve blood circulation, use the so-called “Iodine eye”. Draw an eye with iodine where there is no particular blood supply. Apply only once and for a short time. It is good to dilute the 5% iodine solution with some water before administration.

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