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How To Reduce Insulin To Quickly Lower Your Belly, Love Handles and Fat on the Abdomen

The hormone insulin secreted by specific pancreatic cells specifically works on the processing and conversion of glucose into energy. Insulin is also directly involved in the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates.

3 – 26 U / ml – a rate of blood insulin concentration in women. For adolescents and older women, this figure is higher. Lack of this hormone leads to diabetes mellitus (congenital or acquired). Excess insulin leads to the development of metabolic syndrome.

How Insulin Affects Weight

Metabolic syndrome is a condition caused by a reduction in the sensitivity of cells to insulin, which leads to disruption of the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. At the same time, visceral fat volume rapidly increases and hypertension develops. Over time, hyperinsulinemia can lead to type II diabetes.

The main difference between obesity in metabolic syndrome and usual overweight is that diets do not work in this case. If you do everything to lose weight but do not get any results, go through the blood insulin test.

In addition, it is possible to suspect an excess of insulin due to excessive sweating, constant desire to eat, rapid fatigue, shortness of breath with a slight physical load, muscle aches, itching of the skin and slow wound healing.

Hyperinsulinemia is not a cause of joy, but it is not a cause of panic. Adjust the situation by adjusting the lifestyle and menu. Today, we have collected recommendations from endocrinologists and nutritionists to reduce blood insulin levels, normalize metabolism and initiate the weight loss process.

How to Reduce Insulin

Start a low carbohydrate diet. Keep in mind that in this case, it is not a matter of denying carbohydrates in general, but excluding fast carbohydrates: sweets, honey, juices, sweet fruits, pastries, wheat bread, and pasta.

Apple vinegar has been shown to affect metabolic reactions. Include in your diet drinks with the addition of apple cider vinegar to effectively cleanse the body and weight loss.

Stick to the rule: eat more often but in small portions.

Increase the amount of fiber. Helps to avoid sudden jumps of sugar and extra insulin production. Eat more vegetables, legumes, of course, include bran in the diet, linseed, sesame.

Drink more green tea. It has been found that the antioxidants contained in this drink help fight insulin resistance.

Minimize the consumption of red meat, increase the amount of fish and seafood. They are a source of high-quality proteins and unsaturated fatty acids.

Drink more water

Once again, remember: Do not forget to consult a doctor if you find out that you can not lose weight because of your weak will. Take a blood test! Strict diets in metabolic syndrome only exacerbate the situation.

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