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How To Make A Cold Compress Against Colds, Headaches, Fever And Sore Throat

The method of treatment with salt solution is not a sensation, it is simply forgotten from the past when it was applied against many diseases of the internal organs. We will show you how to get rid of fever, cold, sore throat and headaches with just a little salt and water.

Remember that this method acts locally, ie compress is imposed only on the affected area. Salt water is absorbed by the skin, extracts tissue fluid from deeper layers and destroys all pathogens (bacteria, viruses, organic matter).

First, you need to prepare your healing salt solution, which should not be at a higher concentration of 10% and with a lower concentration of 8%. To do this, dissolve 1 teaspoonful of salt (approximately 8 grams) in 100 milliliters of water. If this is low, increase the dose by keeping the same ratio between salt and water.

To get rid of a cold, fever or severe headache, it is necessary to apply the tape around your head (covering your forehead and neck) with which to stand overnight. Tape can be made from gauze (3-4 layers) or thin cloth and soak it thoroughly in the prepared salty solution. After about an hour and a half, the colds will leave you, and the headache will disappear by morning.

If you have a cold, apply the bandage at the first symptoms. And when the infection has already hit the throat and the bronchi, make two bandages – on your head and neck again overnight. Only after 3-4 treatments will achieve a truly healing effect.

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