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Grass Fed Butter Eaters Have Fewer Heart Attacks – Here’s Why

Nowadays, butter has lost its position among the food. People say there is a lot of cholesterol, it damages the figure, and so on. But it is worth noting that this product is one of the most respected among the Tibetan people and you probably know about their good health and longevity.

In fact, the advantages of butter for your body are very large. But very often unscrupulous manufacturers add vegetable fat to it or even make ordinary margarine instead, so this product has gotten a bad reputation.

However scientific studies found that butter from grass-fed cows is good for your heart.

The quality of the butter

In order for butter to be good for your health, it must be of high quality. Today, manufacturers have learned to produce products from the lowest quality raw materials, animal fats are replaced with vegetables, and even butter is no exception. Therefore, before you talk about the benefits of a natural product, you need to know how to choose it.


If you see margarine in butter, put this product aside. Keep the butter at a temperature not exceeding 6 degrees. The shelf life should not exceed 30-35 days. If the product is stored longer, then it clearly contains special additives.

Prefer butter in foil packs, not paper. In a light, the butter turns yellow, loses vitamin A.

Follicle packaging prevents this process.

Butter From Grass Fed Cows Contains Vitamin K2 that De-Calcifies Your Arteries

When buying butter on the market, do not hesitate to try it. It should quickly melt in your mouth and not stick to your teeth, as do the margarine. Also pay attention to cutting: it should be dry, dense, glossy and unstrained.

The butter should have a bright yellowish hue, and in winter the natural butter is brighter and darker in the summer. This is due to the quality of the grass that animals eat. But it should not be white or yellow.

The natural butter is easily smeared on bread. If it breaks, then there is plenty of water in it

You can run an experiment at home. Place a piece of butter in hot water. The quality product will melt in the same puddle, and the fake will melt into lumps.

Here are some good reasons for adding butter to your menu


The butter – the most absorbed source of vitamin A, which is needed to maintain the functioning of the adrenal glands and the thyroid gland. Consumption of butter does not lead to overweight. In its composition of fatty acids that are consumed by the body for energy rather than body fat. After consuming the butter, there is a sense of completeness. Hunger decreases, which means you will not overeat.

Butter is a great source of iodine, the lack of which can cause problems with the thyroid

The butter improves the digestive tract. It reduces the incidence of diarrhea in children and constipation in adults.

People who consume butter are less likely to suffer from a heart attack.

The fatty acids of the butter facilitate the absorption of such important vitamins such as A, E, D, K.  It is even recommended to cook with butter and not with sunflower oil.

The butter is rich in antioxidants. They reduce the possibility of developing cancer and atherosclerosis.

Now you know how useful the butter is and how to choose a quality product. Find a place for it in your diet – your body will be pleased. Share useful information with your friends on social networks!

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