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Are Your Legs Swollen? This Is A Sign Of Advanced Disease. Here’s Why You Should Not Overlook It

Swelling of the limbs is almost always a symptom of the advanced chronic disease. These problems could also affect chronic diseases of the liver, kidneys, or hypothyroidism.

Swelling of the hands, legs or other organs is usually a symptom of chronic, advanced disease.

Swelling occurs when the pressure in the blood vessels and capillaries is such that the liquid begins to flow from the blood vessels in peripheral tissues, or because of the inability to retain fluid in the blood vessels.

Swelling is a symptom, behind which often “stand” cardiovascular diseases, chronic diseases of the liver, kidney or thyroid dysfunction (hypothyroidism) – says Dr. Kordik, internist and cardiologist.

Swelling can be located on the arms, legs, even in some internal organs – liver or lungs.

Swelling ( edema) in patients with a diseased heart may be a sign of coronary heart disease, especially in patients who have experienced one or more heart attacks and have reduced left ventricular pulse function. Behind the swelling may also be cardiomyopathy that is not known for the exact cause. It is important that in both cases there is appropriate therapy.

When we know that we have a patient with edema, we need to dispose of the excess fluid first and then determine the cause of the swelling. Now we have available powerful diuretic drugs to remove excess liquid. But with this, we only release the patient from the symptoms and release the excess fluid. The aim is to treat the cause of the swelling and this condition no longer appears. Depending on what initially leads to swelling, various other medicines are used in the treatment.

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